The Door Hardware Roadshow

Instead of investigating hardware products in isolation, wouldn’t it be simpler to see solutions that complement each other together?

We’d like to tell you about CHeSS, an event hosted by five independent suppliers, Norseal, Boss Door Controls, Strand Hardware Access2 and Cooke Brothers.

We’re all experts in our sector, all setting the benchmark for excellent quality, and we all believe that selecting and specifying hardware should be simpler.

And we’re hosting an event with great speakers such as DHF General Manager & Secretary and BSI committee member, Michael Skelding.

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We’re Hosting An Event

Time’s precious, right?

That’s why CHeSS brings everything and everybody together to make the best use of your time. You’ll see a collection of outstanding architectural-hardware solutions. There’s something for everyone – architect or specifier –  and we promise you a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Welcome to CHeSS: 5 great suppliers at 1 event.

It’s a new way of discovering hardware, security and seals.

The second event takes place in Birmingham at Fazeley Studios on the 24th of October at 18:00 with DHF General Manager & Secretary and BSI committee member, Michael Skelding as special guest speaker.

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