The CHeSS event is going from strength to strength. The roadshow had a solid foundation with four specialist suppliers but is now delighted to welcome a fifth operation, Cooke Brothers.

Cooke Brothers is based in Birmingham and has a history stretching back almost 150 years. The business was established to manufacture hinges which remain a core product to this day. A key player in high-performance architectural hardware design, manufacturing and supply, the quality of Cooke Brothers’ engineering is evident. Their products are highly accredited, conforming to the latest standards in Europe and beyond.

Cooke Brothers has more than an outstanding range, however. Its team are committed to continual improvement, professionalism and excellence in customer service. The business believes in both enterprise and adaptability and when it learned about the CHeSS event, was keen to get involved. It saw a clear relationship between its products and services and the CHeSS goal of simplicity in architectural hardware selection and specification.

Cooke Brothers, as its name suggests, was a family firm when it was first established. Now the fifth generation of Cookes is driving the firm’s development and progress. The forward-thinking approach makes the operation a perfect fit for the CHeSS event, and we are delighted to welcome Cooke Brothers to our family.

Visit them here.