After the success of the first CHeSS Event, we couldn’t wait for the second at Birmingham’s fantastic venue, Fazeley Studios. We’ve had some great initial feedback, but we believe that the lasting impact of any event is what really matters. We’re certain that those who joined us will take on board the messages about fire safety. Our expert Speaker, DHF General Manager and Secretary and BSI committee member, Michael Skelding took us through a presentation of the latest findings on Fire Doors from the ongoing Grenfell Tower inquiry.

One of the factors that contributed to so many fatalities was that lobbies, which could have been used as an advanced bridgehead for firefighters to access the higher floors, were badly compromised by smoke, leaking from the flats themselves. The fire doors fitted to the flats were not doing their job.  It seems there have been issues with incorrect specification, incorrect installation and inadequate maintenance.

Finally, we’d like to offer our gratitude to the delegates who attended and Michael Skelding for his insight and expertise in the matters discussed.